Tariq Mughal

Instructor in Supply Chain Management
Department: Supply Chain and Information Systems
Office: 472 Business Building
Phone: 814-865-1866
E-mail: tzm188@psu.edu


Tariq Mughal is serving as a visiting faculty in the department of Supply Chain and Information Systems. He is teaching the core operations management and supply chain management classes. He is also preparing to teach online SCM curses for undergrads in the coming semesters.

During the previous academic year professor Mughal served as a visiting professor in the Department of Management at Bucknell University (http://www.bucknell.edu/). He taught business analytics courses which incorporated topics such as data analysis, basic and advanced statistical modeling, Monte Carlo simulations, and spreadsheet modeling & optimization techniques. He also served as a mentor to First Gen students and was a sideline coach for the track and field team.

Prior to this and for the last twelve years he served as an Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the David Eccles School of Business (DESB) at the University of Utah (http://www.utah.edu/). He was also the program director of a baccalaureate program in Operations Management and started a study abroad program with University of Pforzheim in Germany. This program became the largest study abroad program at the University of Utah and continues to enjoy that status.

Professor Mughal’s appointment was in the department of Operations and Information Systems within the business school to manage operations and quantitative classes. He joined DESB in 2003 as a full time faculty member. His primary mission was to teach and oversee the effective delivery of several undergraduate business classes such as Business Analytics, Simulations –using Arena, Supply Chain, Operations, Management Science –Excel based and the senior capstone class for students majoring in Operations Management (OM). He is an excellent teacher and mentor as evidenced by his student evaluations. His students have often expressed high regards for his passion for teaching.

 In addition to teaching, within the department of Operations and Information Systems (OIS) he served as the program director of a baccalaureate program in Operations Management. In this position he assumed the responsibilities of recruiting, mentoring, and placement of new graduates along with regular curriculum review in coordination with senior research faculty.

He continuously seeks to enhance student’ experience –both at undergraduate and graduate levels. He started a partnership with University of Applied Sciences in Pforzheim, Germany and led the largest study abroad program at the university with a German partner university. As part of this international experience, students also get opportunities to work as interns in multinational German companies like Bosch, Daimler, Siemens, SAP and the like. A link to this experiential learning abroad program and its benefits is below:


Student testimonials of this experience can be seen using the link below:


 Previously professor Mughal was appointed as the representative of the College of Business to the University Graduate Statistics Committee by the department chair (Prof. Don Wardell) and was later appointed to be the Chair of the same committee by the dean of the graduate school -Professor David Chapman. In that position he served as the director of the cross-college graduate degree program in statistics and reported to Dr. David W. Pershing –executive V.P. at the time; and at present the President of the University of Utah. This was a university wide inter departmental graduate program.

Professor Mughal was the first faculty member at DESB to start offering fully online courses in applied business statistics. These courses have shown to be very popular with students and professionals alike and around 200 students from around the world take these online classes every semester.

While serving at the business school, his prior experience in the civil and defense aviation industry has allowed him to offer consulting services to U.S. defense contractors in the areas of program management for high dollar value projects on behalf of L-3 Communications & U.S. Department of Defense.

Prior to joining the business school at the university he served in senior management level positions in defense and civil aviation industries in Salt Lake City and San Francisco.

Professor Mughal obtained his bachelors from University of Utah in mathematics with minors in mechanical engineering and philosophy. He also obtained an MS in Mechanical/Nuclear Engineering and a Master of Business Administration with emphasis in business analytics from University of Utah. He holds a professional engineer (P.E) designation and a black belt in six sigma. His hobbies include hiking and catching salmon in Alaska.