Terrence Guay

Clinical Professor of International Business
Department: Risk Management
Office: 324 Business Building
Phone: 814-865-8490
Fax: 814-865-6284
E-mail: trguay@psu.edu
Member of Faculty Since: 2004


Professor Terrence Guay joined the Smeal College of Business in 2004. Previously, he was a faculty member in the School of International Service at American University and the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. He served for six years as the Graduate Director of the Maxwell School's International Relations Program. He also was a Regional Visiting Fellow at Cornell University's Institute for European Studies. At Smeal, Professor Guay teaches Global Perspectives, International Business and National Policies, Business Environment of Europe, and Contemporary Issues in International Business. Prior to earning his Ph.D., Professor Guay completed the National Bank of Detroit's Commercial Loan Officer Training Program and worked as an Assistant Loan Officer. Professor Guay currently serves as a Resource Board Member at the Center for International Relations in Arlington, VA and as a Regional Advisory Board Member for the European Union Center and the Center for West European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Current Research

Professor Guay's research focuses on the competition between governments, international organizations, NGOs, and other non-state actors to shape business behavior and the international business environment. He has published seven books and over 25 articles and book chapters on: the effects of government policies on the global defense industry; cooperation and competition in transatlantic economic relations; the impact of economic sanctions on international business; NGOs and corporate codes of conduct; corporate social responsibility; and corporate political strategy.


International Business, Globalization, Trade, Europe, Business-Government Relations, Defense Industry, NGOs, Political Economy

Publication List

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Ph.D., Political Science, Syracuse University, 1996

MA, International Relations, Syracuse University, 1992

MBA, International Business and Finance, Ohio State University, 1989

BS, Industrial Distribution, Clarkson University, 1987


IB403, International Business and National Policies

IB450, Business Environment of Europe

IB404, Contemporary Issues in International Business

BA535, Global Perspectives