Sajay Samuel

Clinical Professor of Accounting
Department: Accounting
Office: 379 Business Building
Phone: 814-865-0054
Fax: 814-863-8393
Member of Faculty Since: 2003


Sajay Samuel has taught Management Accounting and related subjects to undergraduates, MBA's and Executives over assignments that included stints at Bucknell University and the University of Connecticut. His research published in scholarly journals aims at clarifying some of the foundational assumptions of management thought and practice. Parallel to these researches on management and accounting he also studies political philosophy and history. He has presented the early fruits of this work in France, Italy, Germany and England.

Current Research

Professor Samuel is working on the political significance of administrative agencies (e.g, SEC) and professional associations (e.g, Accounting Profession) in liberal democratic polities.


Management & Cost Accounting; Strategic cost management
History of quantification; political theory
Medical Accounting & Budgets

Publication List

Mark Dirsmith, Mark Covaleski, Sajay Samuel, "On Being Professional in the 21st Century: an empirically informed essay", Auditing: a journal of practice and theory, 2015, 34, pp.167-200.

M. Covaleski, M. Dirsmith, S. Samuel, J. Weiss, "From the physical to the fiscal: monetizing the poor", Public Administration Review, 2014, 3, pp.1-16.

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Media Mention

How to think about Science?,  CBC-Radio

Notes from a technoscape,  Eurozine


Ph.D., Business Administration, Penn State University, 1995

M.S., Accounting, Penn State University, 1990

M. Comm., Finance & Banking, Bombay University, 1987


ACCTG 440, Advanced Managerment Accounting

BA521, Management Accounting (MBA, Exec-MBA)

ACCTG 404, Introduction to Management Accounting