Saurabh Bansal

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management
Department: Supply Chain and Information Systems
Office: 405 Business Building
Phone: 814-863-3797
Fax: 814-863-7067



My research and teaching focus on three dimensions of supply chain and operations management:

a. Model and data driven understanding for how business managers perceive and estimate uncertainties,

b. Descriptive models for how they react to these uncertainties, and

c. Prescriptive optimization based models for how they should react to the uncertainties.

I collaborate with firms to develop new forecasting and optimization models to improve business performance.

Current Research

Risk estimation and optimization.

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Publication List

S. Bansal, Y. Rosokha, "Impact of Compound and Reduced Specifications on Valuation of Projects with Multiple Risks", Decision Analysis, Forthcoming,

S. Bansal, J.S. Dyer, "Multivariate Partial-Expectation Results for Exact Solutions of Two-Stage Problems", Operations Research, 2017, 65(6), 1526-1534.

S. Bansal, G. Gutierrez, J. Keiser, "Using Experts’ Noisy Quantile Judgments to Quantify Risks: Theory and Application to Agribusiness", Operations Research, 2017, 65(5), pp. 1115-1130.

S. Bansal, M. Nagarajan, "Product Portfolio Management with Production Flexibility in Agribusiness", Operations Research, 2017, 65(4), pp. 914-930.

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Senior Editor: Production and Operations Management


Ph.D., Risk Analysis and Decision Making, The University of Texas at Austin, 2010

B. Tech., Industrial Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee, 2002


SCM 421, Business Modeling and Analytics (undergraduate)

SCM 421 H, Business Modeling and Analytics Honors (undergraduate)

SCIS 545, Simulations (Cross listed in IE) (PhD)

SCM 570, Advanced Supply Chain Modeling (MBA)

SCM 530, Supply Chain Modeling (Online)