Steven Huddart

Smeal Chair Professor in Accounting , Department Chair of Accounting
Department: Accounting
Office: 354B Business Building
Phone: 814-865-0041
Fax: 814-863-8393
Member of Faculty Since: 1999


Professor Huddart's research examines how decisions are affected by information, incentives, social norms, and behavioral biases. He has examined the relationships between disclosure and insider trading; the financial reporting, taxation, compensation, and valuation aspects of employee stock options; the effects of ownership structure on corporate value; and the determinants of investors' decisions to trade. This research appears in Accounting Horizons; Accounting, Organizations and Society; the American Economic Review; Contemporary Accounting Research; Econometrica; the Journal of Financial Markets; the Journal of Accounting & Economics; Management Science; the Quarterly Journal of Economics; and, the Review of Accounting Studies.

He has taught financial accounting, managerial accounting, and tax planning.   Professor Huddart has also published cases on indirect cost allocation and the taxation of a corporate acquisition. Before coming to Smeal, he taught at Duke, Michigan, and Stanford.

He is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant (Ontario, Canada). Previously, he served as an editor of The Accounting Review and Contemporary Accounting Research, and on the editorial boards of Contemporary Accounting Research, the Journal of Accounting & Economics, the Review of Accounting Studies, and the Journal of Accounting Case Research.

Professor Huddart has addressed the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the Financial Executives Institute, and other practitioner groups on aspects of stock-based compensation.


stock-based compensation
insider trading

Publication List

Zahn Bozanic, Mark Dirsmith, and Steven Huddart, "The social constitution of regulation: The endogenization of insider trading laws", Accounting, Organizations and Society, October 2012, 37, 461-481.

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Editor, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2001-2006 and 2013-2017

Associate Editor, Journal of Accounting & Economics, 1997-2014

Editorial board member, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2008-2013

Editor, The Accounting Review, 2005-2008


Ph.D., Yale University, 1991

M.Phil., Yale University, 1988

M.A., Yale University, 1988

B.Math., University of Waterloo, 1985


ACCTG 211, Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making

ACCTG 404, Managerial Accounting

ACCTG 440, Advanced Managerial Accounting

ACCTG 550, Taxation and Management Decisions (MBA)

B A 521, Managerial Accounting (MBA)

ACCTG 597E, Research Seminar in Analytical Models