Razvan Lungeanu

Assistant Professor of Management and Organization
Department: Management and Organization
Office: 415 Business Building
Phone: 814-865-2463
E-mail: r-lungeanu@psu.edu



Curriculum Vitae

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Current Research

I examine strategic decision-making through a behavioral lens. Specifically, I consider how socio-cognitive factors, together with organizational resources, are relevant for our understanding of strategic decisions and outcomes in entrepreneurial firms going public, as well as in non-profit institutions.

For example, I study the contingent effects of venture capitalist expertise on the strategic needs of new ventures, the ambidexterity of individual directors and its influence on strategy in new ventures that go IPO, or how moral concerns of social entrepreneurs and venture capitalists give rise to the growing area known as impact investing.


Venture Capital
Socially Responsible Investing and Entrepreneurship

Publication List

Lungeanu, R., & Zajac E.J., "Venture Capital Ownership as a Contingent Resource: How Owner/Firm Fit Influences IPO Outcomes", Academy of Management Journal, 2016, 59(3), 930-955.

Lungeanu, R., Stern I., & Zajac E.J., "When Do High-Technology Firms Change Technology-Sourcing Vehicles? The Role of Poor Innovative Performance and Financial Slack", Strategic Management Journal, 2016, 37(5), 855–869.

Lungeanu, R., & Ward, J.L., "A Governance-Based Typology of Family Foundations: the Effect of Generation Stage and Governance Structure on Family Philanthropic Activities", Family Business Review, 2012, 25(4), 409-424.


PhD, Management and Organizations, Northwestern University | Kellogg School of Management, 2013


MGMT 215, The Entrepreneurial Mindset

MGMT 427, Managing an Entrepreneurial Start-up