Lisa Bolton

Professor of Marketing
Department: Marketing
Office: 441 Business Building
Phone: 814-865-4175
Fax: 814-865-3015
Member of Faculty Since: 2008


Lisa E. Bolton is a Professor of Marketing and Frank and Mary Jean Smeal Research Fellow at the Pennsylvania State University. Her Ph.D. is in Marketing from the University of Florida. She has a Master's degree in Clinical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Military College of Canada.

Her research focuses on judgment and decision-making by managers and consumers, with substantive interests in new products, pricing, risk perceptions, and consumer spending and finances. She has published in leading marketing journals, including the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Retailing, and the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Her research has also been recognized by MSI (MSI Young Scholar's Program 2005) and the AMA (the John A. Howard AMA Doctoral Dissertation Award 1999-2000). She serves on the editorial review boards for the Journal of Consumer Research (AE), Journal of Retailing (AE), and Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. She teaches marketing courses, with an emphasis on consumer insight, in the Smeal College of Business.

Current Research


A partial list of ongoing projects includes: 

"The Push and Pull of Attachment Styles on Romantic Consumption" (with Martin Mende, Maura L. Scott, and Aaron Garvey)

"Selling Painful yet Pleasurable Service Offerings: An Examination of Hedonic Appeals" (with Stephanie Liu and Anna Mattila)

“All that Glitters is Not Gold: When and Why Service Providers’ Conspicuous Consumption Triggers Reward or Penalty Effects” (with Maura L. Scott and Martin Mende).

“How does a Religious Mindset Affect Consumer Response to Brand Failure” (with Jamie Hyodo).

“Dimensions of Technology Resistance” (with Yanmei Zheng and Joseph W. Alba).



Chen, Haipeng, Lisa E. Bolton, Sharon Ng, Dongwon Lee, and Dian Wang (2017),“Cultural Differences in Dual Entitlement,” Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming.  Winner of the 2012 Association for Consumer Research Conference Best Competitive Paper. Partially funded by a research grant from the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight.

Pallas, Florian, Lisa E. Bolton, and Lara Lobschat (2017), “Shifting the Blame: How Surcharge Pricing Influences Blame Attributions for a Service Price Increase,” Journal of Service Research, forthcoming.

Saerom Lee, Lisa E. Bolton, and Karen Page Winterich (2017), “To Profit or Not to Profit? The Role of Greed Perceptions in Consumer Support for Social Ventures,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (Dec), 853-76.

Garvey, Aaron M., and Lisa E. Bolton (2017), "Eco-Product Choice Cuts Both Ways: How Pro-Environmental Licensing versus Reinforcement is Contingent Upon Environmental Consciousness," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 36 (2), 284-98.

Garvey, Aaron M., Frank Germann, and Lisa E. Bolton (2016), "Performance Brand Placebos: How Brands Improve Performance and Consumers Take the Credit", Journal of Consumer Research, 42 (April), 931-51.

Garvey, Aaron M., and Lisa E. Bolton (2016), "The Licensing Effect Revisited: How Virtuous Behavior Heightens the Pleasure Derived from Subsequent Hedonic Consumption," Journal of Marketing Behavior, 2 (4), 291-8.

Bhattacharjee, Amit, Lisa E. Bolton, and Americus Reed II (2015), “The Perils of Marketing Weight Management Remedies and the Role of Health Literacy”, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 34 (1), 50-62.

Bolton, Lisa E., and Anna S. Mattila (2014), “How Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Consumer Response to Service Failure in Buyer-Seller Relationships,” Journal of Retailing, 91 (Mar), 140-53. Honorable Mention for JR 2017 William R. Davidson Award. 

Ghose, Tilotamma, Dalpesh Desai, and Lisa E. Bolton (2014), “Accentuate the Positive: How Identity Affects Customer Satisfaction,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 31 (5), 371-9. “Highly commended paper” for JCM 2014.

Scott, Maura L, Martin Mende, and Lisa E. Bolton (2013), “Judging the Book by Its Cover? How Consumers Decode Conspicuous Consumption Cues in Buyer-Seller Relationships,” Journal of Marketing Research, L (June), 334-47.

Bolton, Lisa E., and Joseph W. Alba (2012), “When Less is More: Consumer Aversion to Unused Utility,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 22 (July), 369-383.

Bolton, Lisa E., Paul N. Bloom, and Joel B. Cohen (2011), “Using Loan Plus Lender Literacy Information to Combat One-sided Marketing of Debt Consolidation Loans.”  Journal of Marketing Research, 48 (special issue), S51-S59. Funded by the National Endowment for Financial Education and a Smeal Research Grant.

Bolton, Lisa E., Hean Tat Keh, and Joseph W. Alba (2010), “How do Price Fairness Perceptions Differ Across Culture?” Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (June), 564-76.  

Wang, Wenbo, Hean Tat Keh, and Lisa E. Bolton (2010), “Lay Theories of Medicine and a Healthy Lifestyle”, Journal of Consumer Research, 37 (June), 80-97.

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Grunert, Klaus G., Lisa E. Bolton, and Monique M. Raats (2011), “Processing and acting upon nutrition labeling on food: The state of knowledge and new directions for transformative consumer research,” in Transformative Consumer Research for Personal and Collective Well Being: Reviews and Frontiers (ed. David Mick, Simone Pettigrew, Connie Pechmann, and Julie Ozanne), Routledge: New York, 333-352.

Bolton, Lisa E. (2011), “Perceived Price Fairness: The Contributions of Kent B. Monroe,” in Legends in Marketing Series: Kent Monroe (ed. Jagdish Sheth), Volume 4, Sage Publications.

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Bolton, Lisa E., Paul N. Bloom, and Joel B. Cohen (2011), “Facts about Debt Consolidation Loans”, a financial literacy video available to consumers and financial advisors. Funded by the National Endowment for Financial Education. Available at

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