John Eugene (Gene) Tyworth

John J. Coyle Endowed Professor Emeritus of Supply , John J. Coyle Endowed Professor of Supply Chain Management
Department: Supply Chain and Information Systems
Office: 413 Business Building
Phone: 814-865-1866
Fax: 814-863-7067
Member of Faculty Since: 1976


Since joining the Smeal College faculty in 1976, Dr. Tyworth has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in supply chain and logistics management. His work experience includes traffic management and air cargo operations. He was an active duty officer in the Air Force from 1967-71, when he performed transportation/logistics duties under the Strategic Air Command and the 14th Air Force (RVN). In addition, he continued his service from 1976-1994 as reserve officer in the acquisition/procurement area for HQ Air Force and later for DLA. He also has consulting experience with major companies in the railroad, trucking, air cargo, food products, forest products, wire and cable, offshore rig/platform supply, and information technology industries.

Current Research

Dr. Tyworth's research focuses on inventory-theoretic models for mode choice and total logistics costs.


Out-of-stock (OOS) risk
Total landed cost analysis
Inter-modal freight flow analysis

Publication List

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Supply Chain Forum (Editorial Board: 1999-present)

Transportation Journal (Editorial Board: 1985-present)

Journal of Business Logistics (Associate Editor 2010-present)


Ph.D., Logistics, Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon, 1975

M.B.A., Logistics, Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon, 1973

B.A., Economics, University of California Santa Barbara, 1966


SCM 421, Supply Chain Analytics

SCM 810, Transportation & Distribution Management (on-line graduate)