Keith Crocker

Department Chair , The William Elliott Chaired Professor of Insurance and Risk Management
Department: Risk Management
Office: 355B Business Building
Phone: 814-865-4172
Fax: 814-865-6284
Member of Faculty Since: 2003


Professor Keith J. Crocker joined the Smeal College of Business in 2003 as the William Elliott Chaired Professor of Insurance and Risk Management. He holds a B.A. from Washington and Lee University in mathematics and economics, and an M.S. and a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in economics. Prior to his current position at Penn State, Professor Crocker was the Waldo O. Hildebrand Professor of Risk Management and Insurance, and Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, at the University of Michigan Business School. His previous experience includes appointments as Professor of Economics at The Pennsylvania State University, where he taught courses in law and economics, microeconomics, and industrial organization, as Assistant Professor in Economics Department at the University of Virginia, and as staff economist at the Federal Trade Commission.

Current Research

Professor Crocker has served as an expert witness in cases involving antitrust and insurance concerns, including captive taxation and workers compensation. His research interests have focused primarily on contracting issues, with a particular emphasis on the role of transaction costs, adverse selection, and moral hazard in the design of agreements. Professor Crocker's current topics of research include the examination of tax and accounting fraud, claims fraud in the context of insurance settlements, and the role of job attachment in the design of optimal employer-sponsored health insurance policies.

Publication List

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