Forrest Briscoe

Professor of Management and Organization
Department: Management and Organization
Office: 450 Business Building
Phone: 814-865-0746
Fax: 814-863-7261


Forrest Briscoe is Professor of Management and Organization, and Frank & Mary Jean Smeal Research Fellow, in the Smeal College of Business. He also holds a courtesy appointment in the Department of Sociology.

Much of Dr. Briscoe's research focuses on organizations adopting new practices and strategies, as their industries and fields experience change. He is especially interested in how organizational decision makers behave when new changes are controversial, with stakeholders advocating both for and against them. He has examined a range of new practices for this purpose, including those related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), resource allocation, workforce diversity, and supply chain management. Dr. Briscoe also studies the effects that new and changing organizational practices have on employees. In those studies, he is particularly interested in how changes are affecting professional employees, whose traditional ways of working are often being challenged and disrupted.

Dr. Briscoe has published research articles in Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, American Sociological Review, Industrial & Labor Relations Review, Management Science, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, and many other scholarly journals. He serves (or has served) as an Associate Editor for the Academy of Management Annals and Administrative Science Quarterly, and on the editorial boards of journals including Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Professions and Organization. He also recently served on the executive committee of the Organization and Management Theory (OMT) division of the Academy of Management.

Dr. Briscoe's research has often been mentioned in the media, including outlets such as the Financial Times, Fortune, and The American Lawyer.

Publication List

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Ph.D., Management, MIT Sloan, 2003

BA, Environmental Science, Harvard, 1995


BA 571, Strategic Management (MMOL)

ENTR 597A, Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MBA)

BA 504, The Responsibilities of Business Leaders (Executive MBA)

MGMT 538, Seminar in Organizational Theory (PhD)