Donald Hambrick

Evan Pugh University Professor , Smeal Chaired Professor of Management
Department: Management and Organization
Office: 414 Business Building
Phone: 814-863-0917
Fax: 814-863-7261
Member of Faculty Since: 2002


An internationally recognized scholar in the field of top management, Don Hambrick is the author of numerous articles, chapters, and books on the topics of strategy formulation, strategy implementation, executive staffing and incentives, and the composition and processes of top management teams. His recent book, Navigating Change: How CEOs, Top Teams, and Boards Steer Transformation, presents leading-edge thinking for executives who are embarking on corporate change initiatives. Another book, Strategic Leadership: Top Executives and Their Effects on Organizations, is extensively used by scholars of executive leadership. He also conducted the widely-noted worldwide study of executive leadership, Reinventing the CEO. He is an acknowledged leader in his field, serving as President of the prestigious Academy of Management in 1992-93. He also has served on the board of directors of the Strategic Management Society and on the editorial boards of almost all the major scholarly journals in his field.

Current Research

Current research focuses on executive psychology, top management team dynamics, and history and evolution of the field of strategic management.


CEOs and top management teams
Executive leadership
Corporate governance
Strategy formulation and implementation

Publication List

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Ph.D., Organizational Strategy and Policy, The Pennsylvania State University, 1979

M.B.A., Marketing and Planning/Control, Harvard University, 1972

B.S., Finance, University of Colorado, 1968


MGMT 531, Strategy Implementation and Organizational Change

MGMT 535, The Upper Echelons Perspective: Theory and Research

MGMT 578, Doctoral Seminar In Strategic Management