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Smeal Alumni Career Services Webinar

Date: September 28, 2016
Time: 12:00-1:00 p.m. EST
Event: Smeal Alumni Career Services' Career Development Webinar
Title: "Investing Unscripted: Your Questions, Our Best Answers!"
Presenters: James Brandau, '03 Finance, President of the Smeal Alumni Society Board, and Thomas Raymond, '01 Marketing, Author of The Eloquent Investor

The topic for the upcoming webinar will be investments, and we are excited to be joined by two esteemed members of the Smeal alumni community. We aim to make this presentation as interactive as possible, so we encourage you to please submit your questions both ahead of time and during the presentation itself.

Jim and Tom are seasoned, battle-tested professionals with more than two decades of experience as investment professionals in various capacities. Both of these gentlemen currently excel at top financial institutions and look forward to providing an enriching and diverse set of perspectives to our alumni. The Smeal College of Business has served as a spring board for their respective careers, and they are excited to give back through this interactive platform.

Jim and Tom will cover some of the most frequently asked questions that they encounter along with topics such as:

  • Establishing a career path
  • Tips for fast tracking your career
  • Strategies on dealing with client issues
  • And more!

Please submit your questions ahead of time with your registration. You can also submit questions through the chat box when you login to the webinar. We look forward to your engagement with this exciting interaction, and we’ll see you on September 28!

DISCLAIMER: We are pleased to host this unique interaction for the purpose of sharing perspectives and educating our alumni constituents. The Smeal College of Business does not advise on specific financial matters, and detailed inquiries should be directed to a licensed financial advisor.

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