Susan Xu

Professor of Management Science and Supply Chain Management, Robert G. Schwartz Fellow in SC&IS
Department: Supply Chain and Information Systems
Office: 478 Business Building
Phone: 814-863-0531
Fax: 814-863-7067
Member of Faculty Since: 1987


Dr. Susan H. Xu is Professor of Management Science and Supply Chain Management at Pennsylvania State University. She currently serves as the Dirctor of the PhD Program in Smeal College of Business.  She served as the Chair of the Intercollege Dual-Title Degree Graduate Program in Operations Research at Penn State from 1998-2007.  She held visiting positions in several universities including George Mason University, University of California at BerkeleyChinese University of Hong Kong,  The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Georgetown University, University of Maryland, National University of Singapore, and Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, among others.

Current Research

Dr. Xu’s primary research interests are centered on design, performance evaluation, simulation and optimization of stochastic operating systems and their applications in supply chain management and service systems, telecommunication, information technology, and reliability.  In particular, she is interested in production and inventory systems, risk management of supply chain, revenue management, queueing control, stochastic ordering of multivariate stochastic processes, maintenance policies and risk analysis in reliability systems.  Her research is currently supported by NSF grants CMMI-0825960 and CMMI-1000183 and the Competitive Research Program in Smeal College of Business.


Stochastic Modeling of Manufacturing and Service Systems
Production-Inventory Models
Risk Management of Supply Chains
Assemble-to-order systems
Revenue Management
Reliability, scheduling, queueing control

Publication List

Y. Akcay, H. Natarajan and S.H. Xu, "Joint Dynamic Pricing of Multiple Perishable Products with Consumer Choice", Management Science, , forthcoming.

J. Li, D. Fong and S.H. Xu, "Managing Trade-In Programs Based on Product Characteristics and Customer Heterogeneity in Business-to-Business Markets", Manufacturing& Services Operations Management, , forthcoming.

V.H. Hsu, S. H. Xu and B. Jukic. , "Optimal Scheduling and Incentive-Compatible Pricing for a Service System with Quality of Service Guarantees", Manufacturing& Services Operations Management, Summer 2009, 11, 375-396.

S. H. Xu, L. Gao and J.H. Ou, "Service Performance and Improvement of a Ticket Queue with Balking Customers ", Management Science, Summer 2007, 53, 971-990.

S.H. Xu and Z.L.Li, "Managing a single-product assemble-to-order system with technology innovations ", Management Science, Fall 2007, 53, 1467-1485.

Y. Akcay and S.H. Xu, " Joint Inventory Replenishment and Component Allocation Optimization in an Assemble-to-Order System ", Management Science, Winter 2004, 50, 99-116.

H Li and S. H. Xu, "On the Coordinated Random Group Replacement Policy in Multivariate Repairable Systems ", Operations Research, Winter 2004, 52, 464-477.

K. Chatterjee and S. H. Xu, "Technology Diffusion by Learning from Neighbors ", Advances in Applied Probability, , 36, 355-376 .


Associate Editor, Operations Research

Associate Editor, IEEE Trans on Reliability

Editorial Board, Probability in Engineering and Informational Sciences


Ph.D., Operations Research and Statistics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.,   

M.S., Operations Research and Statistics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY,   


SC&IS/IE 5, Applied Stochastic Processes

SC&IS/IE 5, Stochastic Dynamic Programming

SCM 421, Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis