Jeremiah Green

Assistant Professor of Accounting
Department: Accounting
Office: 378 Business Building
Phone: 814-867-4245
Fax: 814-863-8393
Member of Faculty Since: 2010

Current Research

Professor Green does empirical research focused on investors' and analysts' use of accounting information. He studies institutional investors with a focus on hedge funds, equity and debt analysts, the business press, and trading strategies.


Financial statement analysis, institutional investors' and analysts' use of accounting information, hedge funds, business press

Publication List

Jeremiah Green, John Hand, and Frank Zhang, "The Characteristics that Provide Independent Information about Average U.S. Monthly Stock Returns", Review of Financial Studies, Forthcoming,

Kimball Chapman and Jeremiah Green, "Analysts' Influence on Managers' Guidance", The Accounting Review, Conditionally accepted,

Joshua Coyne, Jeremiah Green, John Hand, and Frank Zhang, "The Dual Use of Residual Income and Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Methods by U.S. Sell-side Equity Analysts", Journal of Financial Reporting, Conditionally accepted,

Jeremiah Green, John Hand, and Frank Zhang, "Errors and Questionable Judgments in Analysts' DCF Models", Review of Accounting Studies, 21:2, 596-632.

Jeremiah Green, John Hand, and Frank Zhang, "The Supraview of Return Predictive Signals", Review of Accounting Studies, 18:3, 692-730.

Greg Brown, Jeremiah Green, and John R.M. Hand, "Are Hedge Funds Systemically Important", Journal of Derivatives, 20:2, pp.8-25.

Jeremiah Green, John R.M. Hand, and Mark Soliman, "Going, going, gone? The apparent demise of the accruals anomaly", Management Science, 55:5, pp. 797-861.

Jeremiah Green and John R.M. Hand, "The importance of accounting information in portfolio optimization", Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, 26:1, pp.1-34.


PhD, UNC Chapel Hill, 2010


ACCTG 472, Intermediate Accounting II