Dennis Gioia

Department Chair, Robert & Judith Klein Professor of Management
Department: Management and Organization
Office: 452C Business Building
Phone: 814-865-6370
Fax: 814-863-7261


Dennis A. Gioia is Professor of Organizational Behavior in the Department of Management and Organization. He holds a BS degree in Engineering Science, an MBA, and a doctorate in Management, all from Florida State University. He has worked as an engineer for Boeing Aerospace at Cape Kennedy during the Apollo/Saturn lunar program and for Ford Motor Company as a problem analyst and as corporate recall coordinator. Professor Gioia is a member of the MBA core faculty, as well as the Executive MBA core faculty. He also is a former faculty director of the Developing Managerial Effectiveness executive program, and has served as a faculty leader in many other executive development programs for both private and public organizations. In addition, he is currently Chair of the Department of Management and Organization. Professor Gioia is actively engaged in basic and applied research in organizations. His primary areas of theory and research focus on the study of organizational identity, image, and reputation. He also studies organizational sensemaking and sensegiving dynamics, organizational learning and knowledge, as well as organizational change processes.

Current Research

Current research deals with sensemaking and sensegiving processes during strategic change efforts, knowledge transformation processes, the role of organizational identity and image in attempting to accomplish change, and identity formation and change processes.


Cognitive Processes in Organizations
Change Processes
Corporate Recalls
Organizational Identity, Image & Reputation

Publication List

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Media Mention

20 That Made History,  Fortune Magazine


Journal of Management Inquiry, Provocations and Provocateurs section editor

Academy of Management Review, Special Issue on Corruption in Organizations


DBA, Management and Organizational Behavior, Florida State University,  1979 

MBA, Management, Florida State University,  1972 

BS, Engineering Science, Florida State University,  1970 


BA 501, Managing People in Organizations

BA 597 G, Leadership and Change in Organizations

Mgmt 590, Doctoral Colloquium

MGMT 597C, Seminar on Cognition in Organizations