Company Event Space and Equipment Request Form

As a company seeking to network with Smeal students, you have the ability to request space through in-house event management staff. Examples of spaces available include:

Business Building Atrium and Foyer (reserved for Corporate Associate Members and CSCR sponsors only)
Business Building classrooms
Other general purpose classrooms on the University Park campus

All fields marked with a are required.

Food and Drink: With the exception of bottled water, all food and drink consumption is prohibited in general purpose classrooms.

Cleanliness: Users are to pick up papers, trash and debris and dispose of them in the recycling containers or trash cans when complete.

Seating Configuration: When seating is rearranged for a meeting, seats must be returned to the original configuration before leaving.

Damage to Equipment: Any repairs or replacements as a result of negligent or intentional damage to GPC technology equipment will be charged to the assigned instructor or staff member's department responsible for the class or event.

Damages and Cleaning Costs: The college, department or individual scheduling use of the room will be responsible and will receive direct billing for the assessment and repair of any damage or negligent or intentional damage attributed to room use, as well as janitorial and maintenance costs attributed to unauthorized food and drink use in GPCs.

Compliance: Failure to abide by the stated policy will result in the loss of these room scheduling privileges. Any direct billing charges incurred by this office as a result of student organization actions will be immediately repaid by the organization.

Good Citizenship: It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that our rooms and resources are cared for in a proper manner. In most cases, it takes very little effort to leave a space in better condition than you found it. Please pick up loose trash. If you arrive at your space at the scheduled time and find it in exceptionally poor condition (spills, food waste, large mess), please snap a picture of the room and contact the student organization manager with details.

When completing this form, it is important to be as thorough as possible with your description of the space usage. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event; requests submitted after that time will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Be sure to only submit one form per event (Note: If you are working with a student organization, the student representative should complete and submit the form ).

Please complete the form below to request space and/or equipment. NOTE: Reservations will remain in Pending Status until complete details are received; this includes marketing the event and placement on our Event Calendar. Companies submitting requests without the identified required information being fully completed will be contacted by Smeal's Corporate Relations & Events Manager; the original request will be deleted and the form must be resubmitted in full. If the event is in the Business Building and you plan to provide food outside of the room, please complete the Food Waiver,, and return to Roni Francke,

Is the contact a Smeal Alumni?
Will the Contact be Attending the Event?
Is this event in collaboration with another Penn State college

Is this event in collaboration with a Smeal/Penn State student organization(s)

Include a detailed description of the event's activities and purpose (i.e. a networking
dinner with marketing students or information session to promote Company X's opportunities).
Do you require any technology or additional equipment?
Please indicate technology/equipment needs

Will you be preparing a Powerpoint Slide to Promote this event? (Please include: Company Name, Event Title, Date, Time, Attire, and RSVP info on your Powerpoint Slide)
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