Mentor Application

Mentoring Program Description:

The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to provide students, alumni, and friends of the college with a forum for establishing a meaningful and mutually beneficial mentoring relationship. Through the program, students will learn about career paths and professional fields and enhance their personal and professional networks. At the same time, the program aims to provide the mentors with a venue for staying engaged with the Smeal College community.

Mentoring Program Timeline:

  • Matches for the Mentoring Program will be made by the Alumni Relations office this summer.
  • The program will kick-off with a workshop for the protégés early in the fall.
  • It is recommended that mentoring pairs make contact with one another early in the semester and stay in regular communication throughout the fall and spring semesters.
  • Pairs are strongly encouraged to connect in-person at least once in the academic year. Face-to-face interactions may occur on or off campus, meaning mentors may make arrangements to meet with their protégé when they return to campus for an advisory board meeting or a football game, for example. Likewise, the mentor may invite the protégé to visit their place of employment during winter or spring break, or in some cases, the mentor and protégé might reside in neighboring communities.
  • Mentoring pairs are also invited to attend the on-campus events in the fall and spring semesters, where it may be possible for face-to-face interaction to take place. It is suggested that mentors and protégés attend these events regardless, as they are terrific networking opportunities.
  • The mentoring relationship should be maintained for at least one academic year, and is encouraged to continue informally beyond the school year.

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